A List of the Nicest and/or Sexiest Things About and/or Having to do with New Year’s Eve

When Harry Met Sally (Sexy, but also Nice)

Dolly Parton ❤
Just immaculate.

The post-midnight hang (Nice, Sometimes Sexy)

One of my very first whiskeys, from the post-midnight hang.

Not going to Times Square (Both Nice and Sexy in Equal Amounts)

I wonder how this horse is doing. I hope she’s still alive.

Memories in General (Nice)

Clara ❤
  • The New Year’s Eve when I discovered that, for me, alcohol and marijuana do not mix.
  • The New Year’s Eve when I sat with friends in a restaurant in deep New Jersey and watched white people dancing in another room. I woke up the next morning and got to play with a dog.
  • The New Year’s Even when there was a restaurant table on Flatbush Avenue crammed full of friends and sushi and laughter, when what followed was a walk into a dark, snow-covered Prospect Park, and fireworks at midnight. Clouds of breath, and furtive swigs of champagne. A sleepy afterparty and not remembering when or how I got home the next day.
  • The New Year’s Eves in my childhood home with pigs in blankets and sparkling apple cider. That one New Year’s Eve when I also had strep throat but painfully choked down the sparkling cider anyway.
  • The New Year’s Eve when it was 1999 and my mom took us to a midnight church service instead, just in case that Y2K stuff ended up being a Thing.
  • The New Year’s Eve when I went to a party and finally met a fellow horn player I’d heard about for ages and we became friends immediately, talking loudly at each other all night while a sweet pit bull stopped by for pets.
  • The New Year’s Eve in China, 13 hours ahead of almost everyone I knew.
  • The New Year’s Eve in Germany, with food and sprinklers and joy, and an impenetrable fog that descended upon us as we returned to our hotel. Our car carefully inched through the thick curtains of mist; we had no idea what lay ahead of us. Those were my very first hours of 2020.
  • The New Year’s Eve the following year where I sat alone in my apartment under hot lights and performed and smiled for people in boxes on my screen, and at midnight threw the confetti the show had mailed to me over my head and cheered and smiled, and soon the screen grew quiet again.
Jon Croy and German Fog




Musician. Writer. Actress. Cat.

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Kyra Sims

Kyra Sims

Musician. Writer. Actress. Cat.

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